Brush Fencing Services

When making a decisions about fencing for your property, you need to take into consideration not only cost, but durability and long term value for money, as well as how the materials compliment the overall look of your home.

Brushwood fencing is a beautiful, eco-friendly natural product that checks all the boxes. It is unique in that it compliments both traditional and modern homes, doesn’t damage gardens and plants with radiant heat, and provides increased privacy and security through the density of the materials.

LongLife Brushwood Fencing has been serving the greater Sydney basin for over 20 years and can provides a complete range of brushwood fencing products.  Our range of brushwood fencing products includes:

  • 1700mm or 2100mm high naturally grown and sustainably farmed machine made panels.
  • Pre formed roll tops
  • Spray on preservative & flame retardants
  • Framing systems
  • Brushwood garden features such as gates, pergolas and screens

Brush Fencing Installations and Repairs
Whether you are looking to complete a backyard renovation or building a new property, it is worth considering brush fencing for your boundary line, screens and dividers, pool fencing or service enclosures. Regardless of the size or slope of your block, Long Life Brush Fencing can deliver a customised fencing solution that is both easy on the eye, low maintenance and highlights the natural beauty of your property.

Our brush fence panels are perfect for unusual fence lines or or sloping blocks (particularly waterfront blocks), as they can be moulded to fit the perimeter of any shape, or heights adjusted to cater for uneven surfaces or additional privacy requirements.

If you have a brush fence that’s looking old and tired and in need of restoration, simply call us to come and give your fence a new lease on life. We can fix any issues with Brush fencing from post repairs, to refreshed roll tops.

Brushwood Fencing Panels
Our brush fencing panels provide a cheaper alternative for those who are interested in DIY installation, and are suitable for large flat blocks and simple jobs. The stronger panel construction reduces sag and brush material separation at the fence base. Panels generally last longer due to the packing density, and will not rot or crack. They are impervious to termites and white ants, providing a long lasting fencing solution.

When professionally installed LongLife Brushwood Fencing panels are inherently more durable than hand thatched fences. They have a life span of 15 to 20 years with minimal maintenance required.

Brush fencing panels are ideally suited for commercial projects, retirement villages, strata blocks and small to large developments.

So if you’re looking to finish your backyard with a beautiful, natural and eco-friendly product, give Casey Long at LongLife Brush Fencing a call on 0402 021 877.