brushfence-and-pond-and-plantsThe rustic look and natural charm of a brushwood fence is in keeping with the old world charm of the Southern Highlands. From country manors to quaint rural properties, Long Life Brush Fencing Southern Highlands has been serving the region for over 15 years, constructing beautiful brush boundary fences, garden borders and privacy screens to accentuate the regions natural beauty. This look can be extended with custom made brush landscaping structures such as archways, letterboxes and other features to compliment your property look and feel.

Benefits of Brushwood Fencing you can’t ignore

  • Appealing, environmentally friendly look with natural colours and textures
  • A low maintenance, environmentally friendly option which is impervious to termites and white ants
  • Height variability allows for improved screening, and packing of brush materials assists with noise cancellation and wind buffering
  • Pliability of material allow for flexibility and creativity in design and synchronisation with landscape – allowing for bends, curves and arches featured in the fencing design – something that metal fences simply can’t achieve!

Our machine made brushwood fencing panels provide a cost efficient and stunning solution to your fencing needs. Whether you are up for the DIY installation challenge or opt for the professional installation by our qualified fencers, you can be assured that the brush product you are getting is high quality and will provide a long term solution for your home.

So if you’re looking to enhance your backyard with a beautiful, natural and eco-friendly brushwood fence, give LongLife Brush Fencing in the Southern Highlands a call on 0402 021 877.