146Many homes in the greater Sydney area have experienced the benefit of a LongLife Brushwood Fence. For over 15 years, we’ve been providing top quality brushwood fencing products to make backyards and properties naturally beautiful. As an attractive natural alternative to timber or metal fencing, brushwood compliments both modern and traditional homes with a neutral colour scheme and texture that adds value to your home.

Brushwood Fences are incredibly durable and low maintenance, and enhance any backyard by providing a beautiful, natural look which is both environmentally friendly and offers increased privacy, noise reduction and security.

Long Life Brush Fencing Sydney is proud to offer a high quality product that is second to none. Our fencing solutions that can be designed, constructed and installed to cater for any size or sloped block using brush fencing panels that can be quickly assembled to create your private oasis. Brush fencing not only looks attractive, but the natural materials and hardy construction make it a durable solution that protects you from the elements, and your plants from heat and wind. So brush fences are good for your garden, and good for you. You can’t go wrong with a Long Life Brushwood Fence.

Benefits of Brushwood Fencing

  • Appealing, natural look
  • Brushwood is a versatile building material allowing curves, bends and arch shapes that cannot be achieved using other fencing materials
  • Brushwood density offers better screening providing increased privacy, as well as resistance from weather elements and general noise reduction
  • A low maintenance, environmentally friendly option which comes with natural white ant and termite protection

So if you’re looking to enhance your backyard with a beautiful, natural and eco-friendly brushwood fence, give Long Life Brush Fencing a call on 0402 021 877.