brush-fencing-with-plant-and-treeFrom the windy roads of Mount Ousley to the beachside suburbs like Thirroul and Austinmer, the greater Wollongong area is full of contasts and scenic beauty. It is fitting then that many people chose natural products like brush fencing to compliment their patches of paradise.

Long Life Brush Fencing  has been supplying superior brushwood fencing products to the expansive Wollongong region for over 15 years and works with people from “The Gong” to build exquisite brush boundary fences, pool and enclosure fencing, privacy screens and garden borders.

Our durable and low maintenance brushwood fencing products are both environmentally friendly and provide heightened privacy through brushwood density, packing and height. This also facilitates noise reduction (both from neighbours and street noise) to weather conditions such as wind or beach sounds. Whether you choose brush panels for DIY or professional installation, our brush fencing solutions can address uneven surfaces, curved boundary lines or integration with other landscape elements, we can help design and build an amazing fencing solution for your home.

So whether you’re choosing brushwood panels for your flat block, or want to fence your sloped block, give the team at Long Life Brush Fencing in Wollongong a call on 0402 021 877.